Mission statement

The history of games international conference series is a global initiative that seeks to act as a catalyst for academic research on gaming history. The conference brings together scholars, curators and enthusiasts in order to disseminate research / preservation initiatives and develop networks.

Scientific guidance is provided by a committee of experts elected in a variety of regions; the organization seeks to grow by including even more regions as research develops on a global scale, and make sure that conferences alternate between different localities. The steering committee assists local organizers in the planning of their event. It acts as a gateway to a network of relevant experts in order to ensure the quality of the peer review process. It will also use this network to disseminate CFPs and information about each new event in the series.

The history of games committee welcomes any new connection that could help develop the field (contact: carl.therrien@gmail.com) and will be happy to use its resources to promote other conference initiatives on the topic.