Registration and attendance

  • Access to keyotes / panels
  • Asynchronous access
    • All presenters have been invited to submit a backup pre-recording of their paper in case of technical problems, and live panels will be recorded. These recordings will be uploaded on this YouTube channel for asynchronous viewing, for one week:
  • Q&As
    • Questions for Q&A should always be posed with a ‘live voice’, although we’re happy for them to come from live respondents or via chat to be read out by the chair. Participation in Q&A will be moderated : people will raise their hand or type a question, and then mic/camera access can be granted for the question to be asked.
  • Self-care
    • Moving to the virtual format generates additional anxiety, and many of us are experiencing Zoom fatigue in the context of online teaching. We have limited panels to two presentations in order to have more frequent breaks. If you still experience fatigue during the conference, don’t hesitate to turn off your camera, look away from your screen, or take a break; most presentations will be available for a week after the live event.
  • Code of conduct
    • Please take a moment to review our Inclusivity page. We want to provide a safe and stimulating virtual space for all conference participants. If you experience any form of harrassment, please contact a conference organizer immediately.